A strange name for a sport, you might think the first time. Now e-sport is a whole culture that gathers an increasing and large audience around the world. Like any sport, this is a kind of competition between one participant or a team. So it is customary that people compete with each other in everything. E-sports is no exception. As soon as the world saw video games, slot machines with video games, they immediately began to conquer the world very rapidly.

Later, people mastered the skills of the game, and the moment came when there were those who achieved such skills and experience that it seemed to him that no one else could achieve. Thanks to such people, it gave impetus to the competition between gamers.

Development of e-sports

People began to compete in all the games where possible: on consoles, on those rices. And looking at this technological breakthrough, more and more new video games began to appear, which became more and more complex and improved.
The rapid development of this kind of competition began in the early 90s, when the Internet appeared. This made it possible to play with each other in such games as craft, kuwaik and not just with each other, but with dozens of people from different countries of the world.
It was possible to compete in games without leaving home. Thus, gamers felt even greater unity, without knowing the languages ​​of the world. From that moment on, the rapid development of such a sport as e-sports began.

With great speed, game teams began to form. They came up with their own names, symbols and even hymns. In the same years, a huge number of tournaments and competitions took place. But the main goal of all this action was the spread of e-sports around the world and the holding of various competitions. This is how the first professional e-sports leagues appeared.

The first esports competition

Already the first official and state-legalized gamer competitions were held in South Korea, as computer games began to brazenly penetrate people’s lives, which sooner or later this sport would still be legalized at the state level. After all, in this sport, first of all, huge sums of money were spinning. They no longer looked like the first amateur matches in basements or computer clubs, which received publicity only at the local level. E-sports has reached a completely new level – the world level. The teams at the competitions
already represented the country, not the district or city. Gamers are training and preparing for this event for days. Some perceive it as work, because the higher the league, the greater the cash prize pool, which is divided among the members of the winning team.
But still, first of all, the same luck and adrenaline remains as before: to show your skills and superiority over other players and teams in.

The first popular e-sports games

Consider the computer game Doom 2, released in 1993. According to one version, it was she who gave impetus to the first competition. The game is a first person shooter. The meaning of the game is to find a way to go to another level, through the monsters, thereby creating missions for players to competitions for time and skill.
The Counter Strike series of games that came out in 2000 have a simple meaning. The two teams that are fighting each other are terrorists and counter-terrorist special forces. But this is no longer a single, but a team game, the victory of which depends on the entire playing link. The team that kills all opponents or completes certain tasks will win.

Interesting facts about a new sport

One of the important factors of the positive impact of team games on the strategic thinking of the child has been proved. Therefore, a passion for e-sports can be useful for a student. In some countries, even e-sports classes and competitions are held at universities. There has even been a proposal to include e-sports competitions in the list of the Summer Olympic Games 2022.
E-sports has no age restrictions. An example of this is the youngest athlete listed in the Guinness Book of Records, Lil Poyson. This kid started playing his first video games at the age of 2, and at the age of 4 he already participated in the Halo tournament.
One of the old school players is a woman in her 80s. She likes to play such games as: GTA and Call of Duty. He admits that in matches on opposite sides of the barricades he loses to his grandson.

How to get into e-sports?

Having understood that there are no restrictions in e-sports, the first thing to do, as in any sport, is to take time for your self-realization. Since, in addition to games, there is also a personal life: study, work, and so on. Perhaps these are the points you will have to sacrifice. But with great striving, this path will pay off with the glory of victories. No need to be shy about live broadcasts, streams and recordings with your games. On the contrary, the more people know about your abilities in e-sport, the sooner you will be noticed. Do not forget about the local tournaments of the city, region or country. It’s a great way to show off, even if it’s on a local level. Try to get into a team of promising players, while showing your excellent results. Based on the above theses, there is a high probability that you will achieve self-development in e-sports on your own.

It is worth concluding that absolutely everyone can take part in this type of competition, without seeing any obstacles in front of them, whether it be local competitions or global ones. Do not forget about the proverb “perseverance and work will grind everything”