The literal translation of the organization Natus Vincere from Latin sounds like “born to win”. The date of its foundation is considered to be December 18, 2009, when e-sport were gaining momentum and winnings were growing rapidly. But the story is rooted in a completely different name “Arbalet UA”, which is named after one of the sponsors Murat Zhumashevich. He gave huge amounts to support young guys, took care of all the expenses, and the sponsor also provided gamers with a considerable salary. The second sponsor is Sergei Kashchuk “stariks”, who has long been their idol.

In modern times, the “stariks” realized that he was starting to lose his grip, and did not go into the shadows. He took on the responsibility of being the coach of the young organization. But not so long ago, he became a participant in the inevitable scandal in e-sport. All the facts show that Ischuk, at his own risk, used a bug with a camera in a battle with NiP in 2017. He admitted his guilt and because of a stupid act, he had to put an end to participating in this club.

Golden team line-up

The first gamers in Arbalet UA were: Yegor Markelov, Ivan Sukharev and Daniil Teslenko. Each of the players was distinguished by their individual skills and with a lot of experience behind them. However, their first tournament ended in failure.
After consulting, gamers decided to refrain from the next tournament in order to improve their skills and work out joint work. And this decision brought the first monetary result in e-sport. Gamers in the same roster ended up in the finals of a rather serious competition in Sweden. Their rival turned out to be faster, yet “Born to Win” got their first prize pool of $10,000. After this event, they officially called themselves Navi.

Triumphant victory in the ESWC

Having gained experience and proved themselves in the arena, the e-sport team of multigamers achieved their furore at the World Tournament in CS:GO – Electronic Sports World Cup.
The opponent got a formidable one, but the result turned out to be unpredictable and, of course, the guys snatched victory in a difficult battle. For the whole year, the navies won the largest number of prize money in Europe. Thus, the Ukrainian team is the first in the list of the best teams and has left its mark in the history of e-sport.

The ups and downs of the Navi

After repeated victories and global recognition of the multi-gaming collective, a black streak began in e-sport. The composition of the organization began to change constantly, the old players lost their skills and had to be replaced with new ones. Gamers lost their victories one by one and getting into any world-class championship became a problem. It was decided to take the newcomer Alexander Kostylev to the squad.

He learned quickly enough and found a common language with the team. He later went down in history as the best player of the year. In 2016, the players in the roster with Kostylev earned $1,400,000. At the moment, the legendary team is no longer in the shape it was before due to their constant defeats. But hope dies last, as we see the organization has constant ups and downs. For the entire history of the team’s existence, the prize fund in e-sport is
$7 048 782.