We all know the PC game called FIFA. It is in the top 10 e-sports disciplines, after such popular games as Dota and Counter Strike. The beginning of the series of FIFA games was laid back in 1993, when it first appeared on the SEGA console, later on a laptop computer. She immediately found her audience in e-sports. Both fans of real football and ordinary gamers liked it.

After all, everyone could feel like a usual football star, playing to score a goal, climbing the tournament ladder. In it, you could play for any famous player in popular teams. And even then, the players tried to hold e-football competitions in different parts of the world. But this did not bring much popularity, since those football games cannot be compared with the new series of FIFA.

But real gamers and fans of their craft were not afraid of complexity. They stubbornly continued to organize competitions at the local level at their own expense, without losing hope. So, with small but sure steps, football on the computer gained popularity in e-sports.

Sports brothers real football and cyber football

And already in 2004, the first e-football competition World Cyber ​​Games 2004 was held. After this event, leagues of teams in this e-sport began to be created as in the usual one. Whole combined teams were organized. Strict rules began to appear, entire teams of referees for football. Everything is serious, in no way inferior to the real world.

Series of soccer games

In addition to FIFA, there is a series of games Pro Soccer, which also has its fans, like all games, which are constantly arguing about the superiority of each of them. In regular sports there are sports betting and in e-sports as well, football is no exception. Here, too, people lose entire fortunes, houses, cars. And someone turns into real lucky ones, winning amounts that they would never see in their lives. This indicates that rather large sums are circulating in e-sports, which appeared there from the donations of the players themselves and their fans, as well as large sponsors, thanks to which competitions are now held.

Doping in e-sports

It’s funny, but this is the reality of life. This serious topic takes place, as in ordinary sports, which has been raised more than once about the forced testing of players for doping and psychotropic stimulants. They increase brain activity, giving the gamer the long-term ability to perceive and convert information into actions in e-sports.
Thus, burning out his psyche, which is dangerous to health. But for today’s humanity, six-digit zeros are above all. Sooner or later, a law will be passed to test cybergamers for doping for a fair and safe game.