OG – an e-sports organization, is one of the most successful teams in e-sports, in the Dota2 discipline, which in a short period of time has achieved large-scale results at the world level. Less than a year later, they turned out to be one of the most successful in e-sports. Their official year of birth is 2016. The team was created by famous gamers Fly and N0tali.

The players themselves call themselves the “European” cyber organization, since all the players come from different countries of the world. The guys received their recognition after they became the winner in the Frankfurt Major 2015 tournament, in which they took $1 million. In further world-class tournaments, the players also repeatedly won. It is with such constant victories that the guys have earned their authority in e-sports.

As you know, most often after a series of white stripes comes a black one, so it didn’t pass the OG either. On the eve of the large-scale tournament of The International, several strongest players left the OG, among whom was one of the founders of the team, Fly. And at the next tournament they performed, showing a poor result. Once on the 7th place in the standings, the players began constant quarrels and indignation. Yet they did not give up and go forward to their victories, as if to the stars, without leaving e-sports.

Meaning of OG team name

To this day, no one knows how the name of one of the strongest, most successful teams in e-sports is deciphered. Fans came up with various versions, but no one received real information. The gamers themselves assure that there is no meaning and secret in these letters at all. It’s just a name and nothing more. Is there a secret in this name that will remain on your reflection.

Hat-trick of the cyberteam that went down in history

The ​​GO is famous for being the first and so far the only team in e-sports, that has won the World International for 2 years in a row with the same roster. And to be honest, the players had quite a few black stripes over the entire period of their existence.
In 2016, at the The International tournament with a prize fund of, for a minute, $21 million, the persistent and stubborn GO, according to the forecasts of their fans, should have taken the victory. But in this tournament she took a distant 9-12th place in the table. And at this stage, the team broke up, unable to withstand the defeat.

GO will probably no longer play in e-sports with their iconic lineup, but players are still friends. Having acquired a new composition, the team has new goals and achievements in e-sports.