E-sports fans sometimes commit very desperate acts that end in real fines, warnings or serious prison terms. This is due to simple disputes, in order to prove the correctness of the belief to each other. Sometimes fans get so carried into the game that they confuse the world with reality.

Take two neighbors as an example. One of them was disturbed by the sound of the FIFA game, he asked to turn down the sound of the game, and the player, being distracted by this, lost the match. Without any special obstacles and with particular anger, he fell on a neighbor and bit him in the groin. In court, the convict did not feel any guilt for his act and he was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

Real money and unreal actions

It’s no secret that there are things in e-sports that you need to buy for real money. There are, of course, free ones, but they do not give the player such uniqueness, thanks to which you can achieve tremendous success by quickly pumping your e-sports player. Cybergamer voluntarily contributes money to the game to create the uniqueness of his character.

Just in China, where e-sports is developing quite rapidly, a young family, for the sake of exclusivity and the rapid development of their heroes, sold their own children on the black market. A statement to the police against the parents about the disappearance of their grandchildren was written by the grandfather of the grandchildren. And this is for e-sports!

Another story comes from China. After 10 years, parents found their daughter, who had long considered her dead. As it turned out, after a quarrel, she ran away from home and settled in a game club in another city. There she lived, worked and, of course, played games all these tormenting 10 years for her parents.

The case when a military father, heard from his children how they play call of duty, what kind of weapon to use, what better to kill. The father, unable to stand it, took them to his former military base, where he served. dressing the children in full military uniforms for 10 days, he gave them a test and forced them to live in conditions close to combat. In such a brutal way, the father weaned his children from gambling addiction. There are people who have lost their families and loved ones because of e-sports.

All these real life stories of e-sports are not fiction! What this whole story was about: do not forget about reality ,do not lose your mind. Do not cross the fine line in such hobbies, turning ordinary video games into a mindless addiction that takes everything from the rich and the last from the poor. end up doing nothing useful. Therefore,in e-sports, as in real sports, the main thing is discipline.